Contributing to EchoMTG

Learn about the projects of EchoMTG and how to get involved

EchoMTG is a community driven application built on top of a publically documented, but proprietary, API. This page explains whats available to participate from code developement to database management. There is a public roadmap on Github and bugs can be submitted here.


Discord TCG Knowledge

The team that manages the community and database. The wiki team has special features in the application for updating and entering data. Wiki members get awarded inventory space for every database change made. There is a private discord channel for the wiki team where features, update, and ideas are discussed. Wiki team members who go above an beyond often receive high end cards or other sealed goodies.

To join the the wiki team get involved with the community on the discord server first.

Discord: /about/discord/

Website Project

Open Source Nuxt VueJS Javascript HTML CSS

The primary interface of is the website. The project is built on Nuxt (VueJS) with a JSON api backend. This project automatically deploys on merge to Google Cloud Run.

Anyone may contribute to this project, join the discord server and check out the github codebase linked below.

Github Codebase:

Contribute Your Project

If you have a project you have worked on and would like to have it listed, please join the discord server and let the @wiki-team know. Thank you!

Andriod and iOS App

Closed Source React Native React Javascript HTML CSS

A React Native code base that deploys to both Google Play and Apple App Stores. This code base is private, but contributors can be invited.

Anyone may contribute to this project, join the discord server and reach out to the @wiki-team for info.

Github Codebase:

MTG CSV Importer

Open Source Tyepscript Javascript JSON

A Typescript codebase that reads CSV Files from other magic app exports. It reads the data. connects to EchoMTG data, and returns a JSON response that can be read for importing in EchoMTG. This functionality is featured in The Import App and it deploys to Google Clound Functions.

Anyone may contribute to this project, join our discord server and check out the github codebase below.

Github Codebase:

Other Projects

Icon Maker:

Java API Wrapper:

PHP API Wrapper:

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