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Inventory Tool Questions ^ top

  1. Q: Why am I receiving split groupings in my inventory list when i adjust my quantities?

    A: It combines them only if they are in line based on sorting order. By default, it sorts by most recent entered. So if you order by NAME it will put them all in one grouping.

  2. Q: What does the Acquired Value number mean?

    A: It's the value of the card when you attained it. So if you got a black lotus in 1993 for $35, put in $35. This will than calculate your gain from an investment standpoint. This number is a key part of calculating your assets growth and value.

Currency Questions ^ top

  1. Q: When I have a different currency setting, is Echo storing prices in USD and converting them back and forth?

    A: The code converts back and forth to USD. And converts out from USD. There may show a .01 deviance up or down based on that days market price. That is because the decimal on the conversion rate, and it rounded will be up or down a cent. You will always be within a few cents.

  2. Q: Hi Teeg I was wondering if the way foreign currency is handled could be changed - at the moment, everything is stored in USD, which means that when I log in, the price I acquire and sell things fluctuated along with the exchange rate, which isn't an accurate representation of how buying and selling works - I buy cards in AUD, and I sell cards in AUD. Thanks for your time.

    A: Right now there isn’t a simple way, I do see an opportunity in the future, but it would unfortunately create lots of complications with the current software, and would need to be well thought out.

    The true problem is switching between the currencies, if you were locked into AUD forever, then it would be smoother, but right now i’d rather keep the experience of quick switching.

    Thank you for reaching out!

API ^ top

  1. Q: I have a mythic account and I'm trying to use the API to update prices for my store.

    A: The mythic account is for personal users and does not have access to prices of cards that are not in the users inventory. Store APIs start at $75/month. Here is a sample call to price fetch of 100 cards that have had a price change greater that one percent. In the full store API you get access to ~30,000 card prices.

    Note, store API is not available in public documentation.

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